Sleepless nights and dirty nappies!

Samstag, 01.10.2011

Well, hello everybody. I really hoped I wouldn't be one of those people who write a blog and then apologize in every post for not updating their page for ages, but I guess that is what was about to happen, haha.

Anyways, I guess I will start telling what happened from the day I left Germany on. That was almost three weeks ago. I was busy all day, people were visiting me, some friends came round the night before and it was really nice to see everyone before I leave even though it gave me a bit of a weird feeling knowing I wouldnt see all of them for a year from that day on. I packed my bags with no strategy at all, like always but I just forgot some minor things which I don't really need so oh well.

So I said bye to my two younger brothers which was lovely. Not the actual fact that I had to say goodbye to them but if you have got teenage brothers yourself you might know that they are not really too keen on telling you how much they love you generally, but they both did and it cheered me up so much after being confused about whether the au pair year really was the right decision.

My mum and step-dad took me to the airport, I got a teddy and super cute slippers as a goodbye present but it was an aweful feeling still. Leaving my family, the country I had lived in all my life to start something new, something I wasn't even sure about anymore, with a family that seemed nice but I had never met in my life.

The flight was normal, quite short but nothing interesting really. Then the nervousness increased when we were about to land.. And then, when I was out of the plane, going to get my suitcase I thought I was going to die because my heart would stop beating or something. I walked as slowly as possible, not only because I was nervous but also because I had to carry my suitcase and in weight a ton.

I walked through the door into a quite small airport hall with only a few people waiting. Then on the left she was standing with a huge smile on her face, my host mum. I loved her from the first second. She gave me a hug and told me I didn't have to worry, she was nervous as well, which was enough to calm me down. :)

We arrived home after taking a taxi that was about an hour late and I met my host dad. He was standing at the window peeking through the curtains waiting for us to arrive. We had a cup of tea before I took a shower and went to sleep.

The next morning I met Tilly and she was adorable. I sat down next to her and even though her parents were expecting her to hide like she usually does when she meets someone new she sat down on my lap, cuddled up to me and babbled a whole lot of nonesense and it was lovely. To be honest I couldn't have had a better host family!

Now I have been here for almost three weeks, it's stressful sometimes especially when Tilly cries at night and wakes me up even though her parents take care of her at night. Once you start looking after a child you automatically wake up when they cry and that's what's happened to me now I guess. I also had to get used to changing nappies, which I don't mind anymore by now. Just don't breathe while you do it and it's half as bad, haha!

So yeah, all in all I can say I have got an amazing new family, a lovely job, made a few new friends already and the English weather didn't let me down so far either. I mean who wouldn't like 29 degrees in september? :D

More updates will be following! I will try doing it once a week from now on! :)


Hello World, here I come..

Donnerstag, 30.06.2011

Hello world,

My name’s Lisa, I just turned 19 and in 2 ½ months I am going to leave home to live in England for a year and work as an au pair.  

I have finally found a family to stay with and I will be looking after an 18 months old girl named Tilly. I know there is still quite a while to go but I’m so excited already. There is still so much to do it’s unbelievable, I don’t have the slightest clue how much and what kind of stuff to take and there’s a chaos of excitement, plans, hopes, fears and some other thoughts on my mind.

So anyways, this blog will be about my year abroad as an au pair, my experience in a new country and a different family and all the thoughts that come to my mind that I would like to keep you updated with.

I’ll be glad to receive any kind of comments, opinions, questions and whatever else you can think of.

Greetings from Germany,